Quick update and building the power supply circuit 2007-05-23

With the conference just around the corner I better give a quick update on the progress of the project. I'm behind and I'm going to have to scale back the scope of the original presentation, now my plan is to just present the hardware for the project and a very minimal view of the displayed data.

I've put in my last order (I hope with Digi-Key) and I've even bought a printer so I don't think I'm missing anything. So it's just the big push to the finish line now.

Image 1 is a schematic of the power supply section of circuit for the prototype I'm building. The input is from a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, and the outputs are a 5 volt and 3.3 volt supply with is suitable to power all the different sensors and components for the prototype.

Image 1: Power supply schematic.
Values and description of each component in the schematic
Component CodeDescription
CONN1Power Connector
F1001.5A Fuse
D100, D1013A Schottky Diode
C100, C101, C102220µF Capacitor
L100100µH Inductor
C10310µF Capacitor
C104100µF Capacitor
U100LM2576 - SIMPLE SWITCHER® 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
U101LM1117 - 800mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator