The CycleRecorder Project is an open source hardware and software project to develop a system which can be used to record the various aspects of a cyclists journey.

Frida V 2007-09-20

Frida V a similar project to the CycleRecorder project.

The OpenStreetMap Project 2007-09-08

The CycleRecorder as a tool for use on the OpenStreetMap project?

Firmware download program released under GPLv3 2007-08-09

Linux firmware download program for ADuC702x microcontrollers released under the GPLv3 license.

Post Velo-city project update 2007-08-08

Project update since Velo-city and the future goals.

Prototype number zero mainboard and no magic smoke 2007-06-09

Quick update about the the first prototype mainboard.

Quick update and building the power supply circuit 2007-05-23

Quick update give some progress about the project, and the schematic of the power supply circuit.

Long abstract for Velo-city 2007 2007-04-21

Long abstract version for Velo-city 2007 which will be include in the conference pack.

Creating a simple circuit board with gschem and pcb 2007-04-14

Notes on using gschem and pcb to design and build a circuit board.

OpenOCD Support For S3C2410A Flash 2007-03-01

Added support to the Open On-Chip Debugger for the SAMSUNG S3C2410A NAND flash controller.

CPU and DS Module 2007-02-10

Introduce a Central Processing Unit and Data Storage Module.

First 2007 update 2007-01-15

First 2007 update

Project abstract accepted for Velo-city 2007 2006-11-18

The project abstract was accepted for Velo-city 2007

Progress Update 2006-10-27

Progress Update: Interrupts and Timers

Update on setting up a development environment 2006-10-17

An update on setting up a development environment for use with ADuC7020

An ADuC7020 Development Environment 2006-10-08

Setting up a development environment on Linux for the ADuC7020 mini kit

The ADuC7020 Mini Kit 2006-10-07

The Analog Devices ADuC7020 Mini Kit Evaluation Board

Quick overview of sensor modules 2006-10-01

Quick overview of sensor modules

Major website rewrite 2006-09-27

I've rewritten the site to be dynamic and present the progress of the project as a blog.

Submitted an abstract for Velo-city 2007 2006-08-11

I've submitted the following abstract for Velo-city 2007 which will be in Munich, Germany next year.

Old design notes and abstract 2006-08-10

This is my old project design notes and abstract.