The latest source version can be downloaded at, or as a pre-compiled version at footprintbuilder.jar.

This sheetshot shows how footprintbuilder was used to create a footprint for an Analog Devices component, and the results loaded into pcb and kicad.

To use footprintbuilder to create a footprint:

footprintbuilder - An interactive footprint design tool for EDA tools.
Copyright (C) 2008 Robert Fitzsimons


footprintbuilder is a footprint or land pattern design tool for EDA
(Electronic Design Automation) tools.  The user is able to easily
design a footprint interactively and then export a file suitable
importation into their chosen EDA tool.

At the moment footprintbuilder is able to produce export files which
are suitable for use in pcb ( and kicad
(  With a longer term goal of
supporting any EDA tool which has a documented file formats.

footprintbuilder can currently be used in the design of a number of
different dual and quad surface mount, and single, dual, multi row
through hole footprints.

Any bug reports or comments can be sent to Robert Fitzsimons

Build / Execution

footprintbuilder is written in Java and requires a 1.6 or higher
version of the JDK, the build environment requires Apache Ant (1.7).

From the top level directory type 'ant build-jar'.  The resulting
build/footprintbuilder.jar file can then be executed by typing 'java
-jar footprintbuilder.jar'.


The footprintbuilder program is licensed under the terms of the GNU
General Public License version 3 or (at your option) any later