The ADuC7020 Mini Kit 2006-10-07

The ADuC7020 Mini Kit (EVAL-ADUC7020MK) is available directly from Analog Devices, but I got mine from Digi-Key when I was ordering some other parts.

The mini kit comes with a ready populated Printed Circuit Board (PCB), a serial cable, a CD, and a power connector which has to be hand soldered.

I soldered the power connector and some 2.54mm (0.1in.) Pin Strip so the mini kit so it can now be easily mount on a breadboard.

This was the first time I've used Lead-Free solder and the joints are not as consistent as I'm use too.

The solder was from Warton Metals in the UK, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was with the size of the tip on my soldering iron, it was too fine, it wasn't able to store enough heat capacity for the larger connectors. The tip is more suitable for Surface mount components.

The next step is to setup a development environment so I can write some test firmware for the mini kit, I plan on using the GNUARM toolchain.