Submitted an abstract for Velo-city 2007 2006-08-11

I've submitted the following abstract for Velo-city 2007 which will be in Munich, Germany next year.

The CycleRecorder Project - Velo-city 2007 Abstract

The CycleRecorder Project is an open source hardware and software project to develop a system which can be used to record the various aspects of a cyclists journey.

The basic system will consist of a number of electronic sensor modules which will be linked together to a central computer processing unit which will record the various inputs. The recorded information can then be played back and analyzed at a later time using the open source application software.

The modular design of the system will allow a range of sensor modules to be developed, these modules could include:
* Audio and video.
* Location, altitude and direction.
* Proximity to nearby objects.
* Heart rate, breathing rate and force monitors.
* Tilt, vibration, shock and speed sensors.
* Environmental sensors, air quality, wind speed, air pressure, humidity, etc.
* Amount of braking, gear usage, steering, cadence.

The system can be used to monitor road surface conditions, cyclist movement through traffic, and how a cyclist reacts to changes in conditions or traffic. The system would be of interest to road traffic engineers and those interested in how road surface or traffic effects a cyclist.

The presentation will include an overview of the the systems operation, design and construction, hardware samples, and prerecorded scenarios.